International EmpowerMindTraining Institute - your shortcut to improved mental health


IEMTI is a global research institute in the field of EmpowerMindTraining. EmpowerMindTraining is inspired by hypnosis and mindfulness, but it is a more advanced and progressive type of mindfulness combined with a strong focus on compliance. EmpowerMindTraining has taken mental training to the next level, based on new research, techniques and methods, which guarantees for a positive life changing result. 

The institute encompasses worldwide research, the latest results and studies that all together widens and strengthen the knowledge of EmpowerMindTraining. The research institute believes that EmpowerMindTraining might be the most potent and effective tool to gain and increase a better and happier life. 

The institute's members contribute to the latest research in the field, and its many ambassadors help spread the word of EmpowerMindTraining’s effectiveness worldwide. 


IEMTI is founded in 2014, by the Danish firm EmpowerMind Denmark, specialized in human development and empowerment-enhancing interventions and the only training institute in Denmark that is licensed to certify coaches, through the high international standards of the ICI member institute.

The concept of EmpowerMindTraining was developed by Jørgen Svenstrup, who has also written two published books about the concept.
With more than 1000 hours of facilitated mental training sessions since 2010, Jørgen Svenstrup is a highly competent capacity in the mental training area, in both Denmark and the rest of the world. He originally started practicing mental training in Denmark after an inspirational visit in South America, and now EmpowerMind also certify mental trainers worldwide.


The IEMTI vision is to be the worlds leading research and resource center for development and distribution of the EmpowerMindTraining concept, with the purpose of improving mental health and releasing potential for all individuals irrespective of personal background and income.


Provide a research and resource center for the development within EmpowerMind mental training and educational concepts, with the purpose of give all individuals a chance to improved their mental health.