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Our IEMTI Ambassadors are our most valuable members because they have tried EmpowerMindTraining themselves, and have benefited personally from the training. In countries where EmpowerMindTraining is well implemented, thousands of mental athletes are spreading the word to their network - because they know it works!

We would like to give you the opportunity to become an Ambassador for IEMTI, and would like to reward you for the effort because you help us fulfill our vision.

As an official IEMTI Ambassador you will get a promotion code that you can use yourself to get EmpowerMindTraining at a reduced cost, and you can even give the promotion code to your friends and family, so you can introduce EMT to them at a special price. 

If this is not enough: Every time the code is used you'll even get a 10% kickback in order to show you how much we appreciate your effort, and of course you decide yourself weather you want to keep the gift for yourself, or you want to pass it on.

Sign up and we will contact you to provide you with a free promotion code.


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