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As a corporate member of IEMTI it becomes possible to use the EmpowerMindTraining material in your company, either for a special focus areas or as an additional offer to your employees to cope with different challenges in their work, or private life.

Price example: If you wish to get license to an unlimited use of all the EmpowerMindTraining programs in the stress-reduction package for 1000 employees in a one year period. It will cost your organization €5.000, or as little as €5 per person. This is equivalent to the price of one single training program for each, and equivalent to an 80% discount. AND WE WILL GUARANTEE YOU A POSITIVE RESULT!

Furthermore we will provide you with stress-tests so you can measure the effect of your product, free of charge, and provide you with an article based on the results you can use as documentation and branding.

The EmpowerMindTraining is evidence-based to improve the overall mental health and thereby improve the individuals, effectiveness, energy level, increase happiness at the job, robustness and overall performance.

If you find EmpowerMindTraining interesting and want to know more about how you can implement EMT at your company, please fill out the form and we will provide you will additional information and material of how EmpowerMindTraining works and how you can start enjoying the benefits from EmpowerMindTraining in your organization.

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