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Become EMT-Trainer

As an EMT–Trainer you will become licensed to certify and seal your own EmpowerMindTraining athletes and MindDesigners.

If you are ambitious and would like to make EmpowerMindTraining an important part of your business, then keep reading.

You are either self-employed and would like to base or expand you business with EmpowerMindTraining, or perhaps you are owner or partner of a consoling service company, provide different course training, or a psychologist etc.

If that intrigues you to become an international certified trainer by IEMTI, with access and license to practice an already tested course concept with a guaranteed effect, and to seal participants at your own courses in EmpowerMindTraining, then sign up here to the right and then we will provide you with further information of how to become an EMT-Trainer.

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