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The Concept

EmpowerMindTraining is a unique self-empowering mental training concept.

The trainer level demands you join the EmpowerMindTrainerTraining, that enables you to facilitate a variety of EmpowerMindTraining processes, but most important of all: It provides you with a trainer license that gives you the opportunity to deliver trainings in your country, where you can certify and seal EmpowerMindDesigners. An attractive and efficient set of skills that enables the participants to make powerful personalized EmpowerMindTrainings, whether they are psychologists, therapists, sport trainers etc.

Below you will get a quick overview of the specific powerful elements included in the trainer membership.


 • EmpowerMindDesigner, 3 days life course with license to seal and certify.

Complete with exercises and manual. Concept for individual facilitation with EmpowerMindTraining.
With the trainer license you can seal your own participants on this course.


 • EmpowerMindTraining 5 days life course

Complete with exercises and manual. The course has credentials from more than 200 satisfied participants in Denmark.

 • Validated baseline and exit tests

Measuring the effect from the training programs and training.  


• Access to supervision and yearly brush-up-update

Includes unlimited email-supervision and one annually update.


• 50+ Mental training sound files in your language

Presented in our shop on from where they will be sold and distributed worldwide with your personal promotion-code. You make money every time a sound file is sold using your promotion-code.


• 8+ Mental training packages containing 2-10 sound files.

Specially designed to cure disorders or misbalanced conditions such as stress, depression, overweight etc. including instructions for use.
Here your proceeds will be even greater!


• Complete online EmpowerMind training course concept, done by us in your language.

To be presented and sold in our shop on with your personal promotion-code that ensures the money is directed to your account.


• Workshop concept of 3-5 hours duration.

The workshop is designed to appeal to additional selling by giving an irresistible taste of the concept. The concept includes a manual with exercises and directions, which makes you able to sell and conduct the workshop in your territory.


• Speech-slides for 1-2 hour keynote.

The headline is ”What you think, you become” or ”The power of thought”. This headline has a broad appeal at the moment. With this keynote you can boost the sales in your territory and thereby increase your income.


• Evidence-based documentation of effect 

Effect of 200+ participants following the training concept, which have been measured before and after. The results are impressive.


• Access to research-database

Research articles about mental training, mindfulness and other relevant areas.


• The visual-concept for use on your webpage or in brochures.

Including logos, pictures, fonts etc.


 The official affiliate membership at the International EmpowerMindTraining Institute.

Including introduction on affiliate-list, with link to your own homepage.


 A monthly report and payment of all sales with your promotion-code.


 Get all your trainings listed on the IEMTI homepage.


Trainer VIP - In addition:

 • 2 published books covering every aspect of the training concept in your language.

The books have been published in Denmark, and as part of the contract on Gold-level, You get the unique possibility to co-author the books when published in your country. This level is only accessible to the first VIP-level Trainer in each country - can you afford to loose this opportunity?



When you have proven record of excellent sales and results in your country/territory, we will be willing to discus the possibility of exclusivity.


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