International EmpowerMindTraining Institute - your shortcut to improved mental health

What is EmpowerMindTraining?

EmpowerMindTraining is an advantage of mental training; it is a safe, fast, and effective way to improve your mental health. EmpowerMindTraining contains 15 minutes of daily training, where you sit or lay and listen to a chosen sound file. 

What makes EmpowerMind Training different from other mental training products is that the programs, opposed to other mental training products, are focused on compliance. The training is divided into three phases: In the first phase you will learn how to become physically relaxed, the program teaches your body to relax, and get rid of any tension you may have. The next phase is mental relaxation, this phase teaches your mind to relax and achieve the altered state of consciousness. These two first phases are essential for you to get the full potential of your training. The third phase is where you can start using the different types of sound files. The sound files have different purposes, and it is possible to choose according to the individual need. The sound files are build on suggestions and propositions, which are given through the sound file. In order for the suggestions to work, it is essential that you learn how to reach the altered state of consciousness where the filter you have while being awake is turned off, which makes you able to receive suggestions that you normally would not believe in. The state you become in through the mental training is similar to mindfulness and hypnosis, which is the altered state of consciousness, you may feel that you are asleep, but your unconsciousness is still awake and able to receive the suggestions that are given.

What is mental training?

Mental training is a form of exercise, originally used in elite sports to teach athletes who perform well, to perform sublime. Today, mental training is available for anyone, and is recommended for all individuals. It is an effective tool for achieving well-being and balance in your every day life or in the workplace. 
The training is based on powerful suggestions, where you are able to stimulate your subconscious mind into helping you with whatever you wish to achieve. Through training your brain with EmpowerMindTraining you will slowly experience positive changes in your life. Through mental training, you simply learn to utilize the brain's immense potential in helping you to perform effectively in your everyday life. 

Habitual thinking – the enemy of the common man

We can surely label mental training as a form of conscious brainwashing, seen in the light of the fact that we all, involuntarily, brainwash ourselves every day.  

If you on a daily basis tell yourself that life is hard, or that you are stupid, bored in your relationship, or that your boss is incompetent – or any other point on the infinite long list of suggestions, it is pure brainwashing. Yet, cases where you actually recognize the brainwashing of your own mind are more the exception than the rule, which is horrific as the result could lead to long-term consequences on your mental state.

The shadow of the past

We often assume that our thoughts arise in response to the things that surround us, that is, the environment we find ourselves in. But imagine if this assumption is merely a heritage from the past, from a time where external control was a part of the daily life. Now imagine if we in our life today are slightly different and live in a more modern society, where we are our own creators of our future. A reality where we have to adjust ourselves to the simple thought: ”You can do more than seems possible!"

The first step out of the shadow is to realize how crucial our thoughts are to our well-being. Once you recognize and understand the power of this linkage, it will become easier for you to utilize the potential of working with your own thought patterns – consciously, as well as subconsciously. 

Training with a holistic mindset

Here at IEMTI, we place focus on facilitating mental training from a holistic mindset, as we address the human body as an entire entity. In essence, we believe the best results are achieved, when integrating life as a complex, yet complete picture. Thereby understanding your issues from the outside.

If you for example wish to handle a specific manager-related issue, it is vital that you have enough self-awareness in order to realize and accept your weaknesses, in order to make use of your strengths. You must, in other words, understand that the solution can only be found through the entity of you as a person. Once you achieve and realize this, you have a higher chance of avoiding pitfalls and thereby ensure a more effective process.