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The active ingredient

The single and only active ingredient in mental training is The Power of Suggestion.

The word derives from the English ”suggestion”, and means exactly that. This ingredient is something we either give ourselves or receive from the people around us – it is simply the things we tell ourselves, or things other people tell us. It can be given to us both consciously and subconsciously, as we through mental training are taught to receive suggestions even when we find ourselves in an alternative state of consciousness. 

Suggestions work when we accept an utterance. This brings truth to the utterance, making it more believable every time it is repeated. If you keep telling yourself that you are bad at math, you accept your own suggestion, making yourself believe that you have bad math skills.

How does Suggestions work?

Try to imagine your boss calling you an idiot. At this moment two things happens: He might be the first one to call you this and you will be surprised, resulting in the feeling of aggravation. Two million neutrons meet in one big bang, creating a high amount of stress hormone in your mind. If the utterance, on the other hand, has been said to you several times in your life, it will be connected to an old experience layered deep inside the part of your brain called Hippocampus. This memory could be dating back 20-30 years ago, where a teacher also called you an idiot. Therefore, every time your boss decides to call you an idiot, the level of stress hormone in your mind will grow, and new traces of neuron will be created. 

If the situation is the latter, the chance of getting stress will increase – resulting in an absence due to illness the following day. That is how suggestions work.