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Questions & answers

Why haven’t the doctors told me about mental training, if it is as effective as you say?

Very few doctors are familiar with this method. Those who are, typically refers to mental training rather than pills.

Are there no side effects?

Yes there are, but none of them are at all serious. Most patients create a sort of addiction towards mental training, as it is usually comfortable and nourishing to give yourself 15 minutes a day in the deeply relaxed state. Furthermore, there are many other beneficial effects besides the fact that depression gradually diminishes. Some of these are listed here.

Is it hypnosis, and is it not dangerous when I am alone?

The method of bringing you into a deep state of relaxation is called “suggestions”. These are also used in hypnosis. The fact is, you are able to either accept or reject a suggestion, as you are the one in charge. Therefore, you could actually call it a kind of self-hypnosis, where you place yourself in a state proven to be beneficial in terms of alleviation of depression. You are at all times able to wake up from your hypnosis.

When should I do my training?

The best time to train is when you feel like it, whether it’s in the morning, during the day, or in the evening. New research indicates that the training also has a positive effect on your sleep – research that is still in progress.

What if I fall asleep while training?

This has no negative effect on your results. Your brainwaves will in the first 20 minutes of your sleep still be at a frequency that is receptive to the suggestions that is a result of your training. Therefore, you do not need to ‘hear’ everything, as your subconscious mind will take care of the rest.

What if I never wake up again?

Do not worry, you will. Most people wake up straight after the end of the program. Some will even take a nap afterwards – this would only have a positive effect on your training. 

Should I still take my medicine?

Yes, until you have made an agreement with your doctor about reducing your medicine intake. It is important to remember that any side effects you may develop throughout the training process only are due to the medicine – not the mental training. This may give you a confusing overall picture on how you actually feel.

I wake up after training with a sense of sadness, why is this?

When you begin your mental training, you will gradually learn how to establish deeper contact with yourself. This might lead to experiencing strong emotions such as joy and serenity – yet, also a small amount of sorrow. This is completely natural and merely a part of your healing process. This reaction will typically surpass after a short period of training.

I feel exhausted after I wake up. What am I doing wrong?

You are doing nothing wrong, but we are all different and react differently to the training. Some will gain a huge surplus, while others will feel terribly tired for a short period of time. These results may vary from week to week, which is completely normal and only a result of your healing process.     
Note: If you train more that 15 minutes at a time, you may feel a bit tired afterwards, just as you may sleeping too long during a nap. Yet, it is still good for you.

Am I allowed to train more than 15 minutes a day?

Yes – the more you train, the higher the effect.