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Stress relieve with EMT

Faster heartbeat, heavy breathing, no sleep and a guilty conscience - these are just few of the many symptoms that follow the dreadful mental condition of stress.
Often, the main problem for a person suffering from stress is how to find time in the mental calendar to do something about it. Sounds familiar? Don’t worry...


Things CAN be changed

We are able to offer you the latest and perhaps the most effective treatment against stress. With an evidence-based approach, our mental training is gaining ground both in Denmark and the rest of the world.

Why does it work?

First of all, the majority of people with stress have one or more of the following symptoms:

1. Poor sleep

2. Thoughts whirling

3. Guilty conscience

4. Impotence

5. Short-temper

6. Heart palpitations


Yet, the greatest enemy for anyone suffering from stress is denial. Denying the simple fact that you are merely a human being is very common for most people. The increasing expectations at work, amongst your friends, or even at home, force you to feel invincible. Therefore, you eventually fail to recognize the symptoms of stress, before it’s too late.

If you can compare your brain to an engine, stress occurs when your brain runs on high speed for a longer period of time. Just like an engine, it becomes too hot and all its ‘components’ will eventually get worn down. At this time it could be too late.

So, what helps?

Slow down

You simply need to slow down, physically AND mentally. We are not talking about a simple walk around the park or an hour on the couch. Your brain needs a total shutdown, in order for it to recuperate.

Get some sleep

This is easier said than done for anyone suffering from stress. Therefore, this enhances the issue at hand. 

Get away

Not necessarily to a foreign country, but try to distance yourself from the things that might cause you stress. This could be quite a challenge for stress victims, as it might lead to a guilty conscience.

EmpowerMindTraining against stress

Mental Stress Training is a very structured and effective treatment of stress, which is related to mindfulness – only, it is more effective and less time consuming. The approach works on several levels at once, achieving results such as:

1. Increased physical relaxation – you are able to improve your sleep onset

2. Increased mental relaxation - improves the quality and duration of your sleep

3. Improved patience and inclusiveness – simply makes you more relaxed and not so short-tempered

4. Increased focus and concentration – gives you a better overview of your life

5. Increased awareness – both of yourself and the people around you

6. Brain recovery – You relax your brain on deep and healthy brain waves

Thus! Exactly what you require as a victim of stress.

It only takes 15 minutes of training a day – when it suits you and your time schedule. The more you train, the higher the effect. We guarantee you, IT WORKS!