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We believe it is essential that you get a great chance generating a turnover. Therefore our trainer level membership is affordable, and reasonable.  

The sign-up fee is covering your seat in the next available trainers training AND all the elements and material included in the concept

This price therefore include the trainers training, the license and the right to seal your own participants.

Your sign-up fee: € 3000.

Seals: 40€ a piece. (Minimum €800 yearly equivalent to 20 participants)

Handling fee: 20% of income from sound files and online-courses sold. (Minimum €2000 yearly)

All other income you generate is for you only!

VIP Trainer

Add book translation costs (estimated €3-5000) to the prices above and start publishing your co-authored books in your language.

Exclusivity in a territory

Price to be negotiated.


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